Great views in East Iceland

Our newest Sprinter enjoys the view to Vatnajökull from Almannaskard. 19.08.2019

Another circle around Iceland is ongoing and the past two days we enjoyed  blue sky, a lot of sunshine, hardly any wind and fantastic views during our drives from Höfn to Myvatn. East Iceland had for some time to fight with dull weather but my group and me were very lucky and grateful for the weather we got. Continue Reading →


Saying goodbye to the puffins

Puffins are about to leave in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 05.08.2019

Somewhen unexpected hotel changes have a good side as on my last tour around Iceland. My group and me took the chance and added a drive to Borgarfjördur Eystri and visited the cute puffins there. Continue Reading →


4×4 Sprinter challenged the power play of the elements

4×4 Sprinter at a photo stop above Frostadarvatn close to Landmannalaugar. 23.07.2019

Recently our 4×4 Sprinter  came back from the exciting tour with a lovely group from Switzerland. The tour Kräftespiel der Elemente, in English the power play of the elements shows many various faces of Iceland, for the 4×4 Sprinter, for passengers, Best of Iceland guide and driver the two highland days are the most exciting. Our vehicle did its job very well and was of course glad the mountain tracks were in good shape and nothing broke. Continue Reading →