Get familiar with 4×4 Landcruiser in Arnarvatnsheidi

Landcruiser exercices in Hallmundarhraun. 17.06.2019

We did some exercises on our new Landcruiser to get familiar with everything in the big lava field Hallmundarhraun and in Arnarvatnsheidi. Landcruiser is already booked for several private tours and Best of Iceland will be on a longer tour including September with a photographer as a driverguide. We crossed rivers to check 4×4, low gear and for some advise where and how it’s best to drive through water. Those days a snorkel will be fixed and we are then really proof for driving in water.

As much as we liked the driving exercises on this fantastic and highland proof vehicle we enjoyed the landscape. All day long we met just very few people and cars, but we had a look at the lava cave Surtshellir, the wonderful rope lava in Hallmundarhraun and saw many lakes in Arnarvatnsheidi. Continue Reading →


Reunion on a private tour

Reunion with Inge, Guido and friends on a private tour around Golden Circle. Picture Guido, 05.07.2019

Last week I had the big pleasure to drive a private tour with travel guests from 2013  who became our friends. What a happy reunion with Inge and Guido who brought two friends with them. As those didn’t know Iceland yet the Golden Circle was requested and our new 4×4 Landcruiser was the perfect vehicle. Continue Reading →


Velkomin new Sprinter

The new Sprinter on it’s first little circle around Keflavik. 19.06.2019

Yesterday Best Travel had the pleasure to pick up a brand new Mercedes Sprinter that was delivered from Poland to Reykjavik by Eimskip. It’s always exciting to get a new vehicle out of the customs and to start the engine the first time. Continue Reading →


Sun destination Iceland

Skogafoss in South Iceland. 03.06.2019

It’s our post number 100 and I like to talk about the recent time we got a lot of sun and were spoiled with blue sky at least in South and West Iceland. I don’t know who remembers the same time last year, May 2018 when we got nothing but rain, wind, rain, wind and even snow…  but now it looked like the weather wants to make it up or say sorry for last year. Continue Reading →