1. Had the best experience with Best Travel. We had a flat tyre right outside of Þingvellir and were about to go change the tyre because we didn’t have a pump in the car.
    Then Eggert from Best Travel stopped and was so good to give us a hand and pumped our tyre, definitely saved the day and alot of time! We got home save and sound.

    Thanks you so much
    Best Regards
    Lára and Ólafur.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment. It was my pleasure to be able to help you. I’m happy to know you arrived well at home and the air in the tyre lasted. Best regards Eggert

  2. My wife and I joined a 6 day small-group tour around Iceland in November 2018 guided by Eggert.
    Not only was Eggert extremely kind, patient, professional and funny throughout the entire trip, he also knows Iceland like the back of his hand.
    Best Travel and Eggert took care of everything, allowing us to totally relax and enjoy Iceland without stressing about accomodation, navigation, scheduling, and driving through extreme weather.

    As a couple who also enjoys backpacking and planning our own itineraries in foreign countries we were VERY glad to have booked this tour with Best Travel rather than going it alone (especially in winter!).
    We actually saw several vehicles flipped over on the side of icy roads during our trip and felt like we definitely made the right choice in having a native Icelander handle this part for us!

    The entire tour was like being whisked around on a magic carpet and we got to see every natural wonder, cozy fishing village, and tourist attraction we were hoping for.
    The Mercedes touring van was clean, new, comfortable to ride in and perfectly heated.
    Eggert was also able to paint a vivid picture of the people, history, culture, food, and geology of Iceland throughout the entire trip.
    We hadn’t even considered how important this might be before booking this tour, but it ended up making the trip for us and is something we would have missed out on if we had decided to rough it by ourselves.

    All in all, we were extremely happy with Best Travel and would recommend them to anyone thinking about taking a short or long tour in Iceland.

  3. We did 8 day winter tour booked through Guide to Iceland and operated by Best Travel. It was an amazing tour and great experience! Guided by Eggert, we learned a lot about this beautiful country and its unique nature. We were also lucky with the weather, for 5 days it was sunny and we enjoyed all the colors palette. Eggert was very helpful, friendly, and shared enormous amount of information regarding Iceland, he was great! The bus was very comfortable and clean. We got hit by a snow storm, and even though our whale watching activity got cancelled, it was compensated by beautiful snow landscapes and real winter mood!! Highly recommended!

    • Thank you very much Natalia for your nice comment I’m really happy to read. Yes you got several faces of Icelandic weather during this tour but you were a fantastic guest without complain we could not finish the written program and we were trapped in an unbelievable amount of snow in Akureyri. It’s just fantastic to travel with people like you who accept nature is sometimes stronger. I hope you have a good trip home or to other countries and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. If coming back to Iceland you are always welcome to contact us.

  4. My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Eggert on our 8 Day trip around Iceland. As someone who very much likes to plan their our itineraries, I’m very glad that we made the decision to take the tour instead. Eggert was fantastic and very knowledgeable about all of Iceland. He answered all of our questions anywhere we went. Even though our trip was cut short due to a massive snow storm, we were able to relax and enjoy our snow day as Eggert took care of everything including our hotel that was definitely not expecting us another night. When the roads did clear enough, he drove through treacherous conditions and I was never once worried as he passed large semi trucks struggling to make it through the mountain passes. He always ensured if we wanted to stop at the grocery store we had time. I cannot say enough great things about this trip! If you have any inclination to see Iceland, Eggert is your man!

    • Hello Katherine
      It was a big pleasure to have a both on that tour and I’m very happy to read your comment. We went really through a big adventure together and it’s much easier to have passenger who are accepting changes due to weather. Thank you so much for writing and travelling with Guide to Iceland and finally me. I hope your journey went on well and wish you both a merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. If you are one day back in Iceland don’t hesitate to contact me.

  5. Just got back from Iceland and a wonderful 4-day small-group tour with Eggert. I could not have asked for a better driver/guide for my first time in Iceland. He was very informative about not only the history of where we were, but also of the nature and what we were seeing along the drive. He was also very kind and funny. As our group was very small, we were able to be really flexible and see a lot more of Iceland than I had anticipated, which was amazing, even getting to see some of the highlands and driving as far as Seyðisfjörður. I had full confidence in Eggert´s abilities to take care of everything from safe driving to finding us another hotel on day 3 when we ran into a booking issue (which was quickly and easily sorted out, absolutely no worries!). I would not hesitate booking Best Travel and Eggert again for my next trip to Iceland– perfect guide and perfect tour! Thank you Eggert, for making my trip to Iceland an incredible experience!

    • Hi Will
      thanks a lot for this fantastic feedback you wrote into our guestbook. It was a big pleasure to have you on this tour and I hope arrived well at home with unforgettable memories from Iceland. I like those tours in smallest group myself as we can be very flexible as you wrote. You are always welcome to contact us if back in Iceland. I wish you all the best and send many greetings from Iceland.

  6. Sehr geehrte Frau Wittwer, sehr geehrter Herr Gunnarsson ,

    wir hatten das Glück, eine Rundreise Ihrer Firma mit der Reiseleiterin Sigrún Paulsdóttir erleben zu dürfen. Sowohl die Reise mit ihren zahlreichen Höhepunkten als auch Sigrúns äußerst kompetente Leitung haben uns begeistert.
    Es war für uns ein Genuss, die Schönheit Islands zusammen mit dem hervorragenden Wissen Sigrúns dargeboten zu bekommen.
    Sehr gern empfehlen wir Ihr Unternehmen weiter.

    Vielen Dank und beste Grüße
    Anna Hundertmark- Fikke und Elke Hörmann

  7. Dear Eggert Gunnarsson
    cordial thank you for the wonderful travel & cultural guide during our ERASMUS+ project meeting in Reykjavik!

    Friendly & kind talk is an additional + to all the inspiring experiences!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you again, best recommendations with kind regards!
    Tatjana Christlebauer (Austrian team in project)

    • Hello Tatjana
      thanks a lot for your comment. It was our pleasure to drive you when exploring Iceland. We would be pleased to drive you again, feel free to ask directly for an offer if you think of a guided tour. We wish you a good time!
      Best regards
      Eggert and Best Travel

  8. My wife and I had a 6-day small group tour with Eggert. We enjoyed the trip very much. Eggert was very professional and knowledgeable. He managed the trip very well. Thank you for taking care of the trip. Highly appreciate!

    • Thank you very much for this lovely comment dear Lei and Ye. It was a pleasure to travel with you and I‘m happy you liked it. We will miss you the following 2 days. Those roundtrips we are driving on behalf of our partner are among my favorite tours. I like to travel and drive. Thanks a lot of joyining me and all the best for you. If you come back one day you know where we are… Takk fyrir we say in Iceland! Eggert

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