Happy Easter – gledilega Paska

Icelandic easter chocolate eggs at the supermarket. 27.03.2021

Happy Easter! Easter is on and it’s really time to wake up the website again and feed with new reports. Here in Iceland many chocolate eggs are sold for Easter in various sizes. They are filled with sweeties and a note with a proverb or a wish.

The newest lava at the ongoing eruption site at Geldingadalur is still too hot and the chocoloate would melt immediately. But the moss covered lava origins of the Laki eruption 1783 is a good place to have a Easter nest.

Easterbunnies from Swiss facing an Icelandic egg on lav of Laki eruption. 03.04.2021

The festivity days are mostly celebrated within families, the moment a gathering of just 10 people is allowed because of Covid 19. Due to the pandemics our business was more or less standing still. We were happy to get some driving work of a partner company but of course we hope travel business will be up and start to run soon again. More and more people get vaccinated and we are looking forward to welcome visitors again in Iceland. If you travel to Iceland feel free to contact us to drive you where ever you wish to go. Don’t hesitate to ask for an offer for your trip.

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