Meet the volcanic eruption

On the eruption site at Geldingadalur in twilight. 14.04.2021

After an endless amount of earthquakes the 19th of March 2021 a first fissure opened and glowing lava started to float in Geldingadalur on Reykjanes peninsula. It fits well into the quite steady eruption schedule in Iceland and turns out to be a unique event where no people are in danger or harmed in unsettled landscape. The eruption side isn’t far away from towns like the capital Reykjavik, Keflavik and Grindavik where you sometimes see the red shining. Fortunately the flights to and from the nearby international airport were never interrupted as no ash was flying into the sky.

Lets say it’s exactly an opposite situation, it’s possible to visit the eruption site and absolutely breathtaking to be there. Up to now we visited the Geldingadalur three times and the changes in the landscape are unbelievable. Our first visit was on March 22nd where we saw a bigger crater and one smaller on its side. The 29th of March we walked up again and were surprised how much the new lava  filled up the small valley already. The crater had opened to  one side and it was possible to look into its lava throwing mouth with two fountains. What an amazing sight to see the area when it got dark! The floating lava glows here.

Meanwhile more than 50’000 people paid the eruption area a visit even the hike is not too easy and it’s wise to be well equiped. The authorities were very quick to organize the visit for many people, put up parking lots as close as possible and marked hiking trails. A great work everyone visiting the area can be grateful as much as of rescue workers to be on spot for security. There are ongoing works to improve the infrastructure and to hire more helping workers.

Many people take the chance to visit the eruption site. 29.03.2021

On March, 30. we took the chance to fly over the volcanic active area by helicopter just to see everything from above ourselves and not only from posted drone pictures. The 5th of April a new fissure opened and we flew there again to greet the newest and heavily boiling crater and the long lava river floating down to Meradalir. Thanks a lot for the great experience Matthias Vogt, pilot and owner of Volcano Heli! More happened during the first half of April, meanwhile seven fissures opened and the lava floated together. All craters are lying in a line and it’s likely more earth will open there. When the eruption started scientists and volcanologists thought this to be a small and short event. But they changed their mind rapidly and were surprised about the kind of new lava. It seems the steady stream is coming more or less directly from the mantle of the earth, from deeper down than expected. And there are no signs the eruption to stop soon! We drove for our partner company a group of students to the start of the hiking path and took the chance to go to the eruption again the 14th of April. It was another spectacular visit in a good weather. We will never forget those unique eruption experiences and are grateful we could go there!

If you are in Iceland or planning to come nextly, don’t miss the experience to attend a volcanic eruption. Let us know if we can help you in driving there and even hike up with you if you like. We can pick you up in Keflavik where we are located, in Reykjavik or where ever you are. The only thing you need to do is to contact us by email or phone (+354 892 5121) and let us know about your wishes when and how to visit the volcano. Bring plenty of time with you, there are few days it’s impossible to go there due to weather. We are sure we can offer you a unique time you and we will maybe never have another chance during livetimes!

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