Ptarmigan at the airport and fantastic automn weather

Ptarmigan at the almost abandoned Keflavik Airport. 07.10.2020

Due to Covid 19 at Keflavik Airport is very little traffic. It looks like some ptarmigans are checking out the almost abandoned airport. We call this bird Rjupa and it isn’t leaving Iceland during winter. But it changes the brown feathers to white and are difficult to see in snow. Nextly some Icelanders will go for ptarmigan hunting and get them a Christmas meal. But it is just allowed on few weekends and to shoot a small number of birds!

There are few drives for us and we are happy to have at least this little work. There were beautiful automn days recently with sunshine and little wind and it was possible to enjoy it while walking in Keflavik. Of course it would have been fantastic to be on tour. Let’s hope the daily corona cases are soon dropping and it will be possible to travel again. If you are in Iceland and need to be driven anywhere, we have a lot of availability and some vehicles (Sprinter, 4×4 Mantra, 4×4 Landcruiser) are with number plates. Feel free to contact us. Stay safe and don’t forget Iceland, don’t forget us – takk fyrir!

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