Highland passion

Picture friendly river crossing if everything is safe. Picture by Tatjana, 07.08.2023

In summer time and into automn our passion are the highlands, the remote part of Iceland. We use are 4×4 vehicles on 35″ tires but with every tour we hope the busses will last. The tracks are rough with wholes, stones and sometimes over many kilometers corrucated. Everything is just shaking and the cars need to tolerate a lot. But it is always an adventure and of course it’s attractive to cross rivers. We try to go through water as soft as possible as we never know exactly what is waiting in the riverbed. Just if we feel safe and secure we offer a water wave for our guests to picture.

If anybody is in trouble in the highlands we try to help. This summer we met an Italian on a broken bicycle and offered a ride to Landmannalaugar. In the evening we take care everybody is with clean windows for a good sight the next day and we say thank you to the vehicle if no problems came up.

Window cleaning of the highland dust for a good view the next day. 07.08.2023

In the gallery are few more impressions from the highlands.

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