Highland passion

Picture friendly river crossing if everything is safe. Picture by Tatjana, 07.08.2023

In summer time and into automn our passion are the highlands, the remote part of Iceland. We use are 4×4 vehicles on 35″ tires but with every tour we hope the busses will last. Continue Reading →


Gledilega hatid, happy festive days

Christmas wishes of Best Travel & Best of Iceland. 22.12.2022

It’s once again time for Christmas wishes! We look back to a turbulent year with a lot of uncertainty in the beginning because of Covid restrictions but with exploding return of tourism in Iceland in spring and summer, lasting to now. We are grateful we can travel again and could welcome many guests, some we know for years. Continue Reading →


Driving into summer

Friends drove directly behind our bus on Golden Circle and recognized our logo. Thanks for this picture Ursula, 17.04.2022

Officially summer started yesterday if we use the old nordic calendar and the nights are getting brighter and  brighter. We have to say goodbye to the northern lights until end of August. Surprisingly we were and are more busy than expected and can’t find much time to feed our website. But it’s no wonder our busses have been seen on the run. Continue Reading →


Takk fyrir og gledileg jol

Christmas and New Year wishes 2021

2021 is coming to an end! Even it was and still is a difficult time we can look back to a good and successful year with many tours. Our vehicles were often running. We are very grateful for this, the moment we are very busy driving and guiding tours around Iceland followed by a New Years Tour. Continue Reading →


Private tour for travel start

Eruption visit by helicopter in evening hours. 30.04.2021

Our guests are meanwhile safely home again but we are still thinking about the wonderful private tour we had! Let’s hope this is really the kick off for traveling again. Thanks to the active volcano in our neighborhood three persons from Switzerland contacted Best of Iceland about the possibilities and left from home just few days later. Continue Reading →