Gledilega hatid, happy festive days

Christmas wishes of Best Travel & Best of Iceland. 22.12.2022

It’s once again time for Christmas wishes! We look back to a turbulent year with a lot of uncertainty in the beginning because of Covid restrictions but with exploding return of tourism in Iceland in spring and summer, lasting to now. We are grateful we can travel again and could welcome many guests, some we know for years.

In the beginning of the year we could buy a garage in Njardvik to take care of our vehicles in wind and weather shelter. It helps a lot and makes so many things easier.

We didn’t think of but in early summer we added a second 4×4 Sprinter to our fleet. The bus was standing in Njardvik for weeks or even month and we were happy we could buy it. All 4×4 busses were many days in use, in summer in the highlands, recent days during snow storm in Southwest Iceland.

We would like to thank you for this year to all our partners who asked for drives or vehicles, to our travel guests trusting us! We wish you all a merry Christmas and all the best for the upcoming year. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have some plans.

Gledileg Jol og farsaelt kommandi ar!

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