Vehicles on tires for every weather

4×4 Mantra on good tires for every option. 05.05.2018

As you might know is the weather in Iceland very unpredictable. In April we celebrated the start of summer but the recent days we got another weather every five minutes including the whole selection between sunshine, rain and snow. Several mornings we woke up and the ground was allover white! We are so glad our vehicles are on good tires you can use in any weather, temperature and landscape. Continue Reading →


4×4 Toyota Hiace

The newest member in the fleet of Best Travel is a 4×4 Toyota Hiace with 9 seats. 25.04.2018

We would like to introduce the newest member in our fleet. The 4×4 Toyota Hiace isn’t new but fits well for daily use and with 9 seats for small groups. Toyota Hiace are well known as cars you can really trust in and with all wheel drive it manages to reach many hidden places in Iceland. Continue Reading →


Puffins have arrived

Puffins in front of the nesting tunnel in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 06.06.2016

To say goodbye to the Northern Lights and the arrival of several bird species goes hand in hand. The most popular seabird in Iceland, the puffin has arrived. The puffins live at sea for about seven month but in spring they come back to meet their partner, to lay and egg, to bread and to rise one baby puffin. But first the male puffin starts to prepare the nest to have everything ready when the female partner arrives. The puffins aren’t to find everywhere in Iceland. You need to know the spots and even the arriving time is from place to place different. The first pictures I saw from Northeast Iceland. And in my mind it would be a great time to visit the puffins now. Continue Reading →


Best time for a spontaneous trip to Iceland

Nesting kittiwakes in Snaefellsnes. 10.03.2017

Hey you, it’s a great time for a spontaneous trip to Iceland – exactly now! The weather forecast and the Northern Light predictions are promissing (and Aurora Borealis is in a few days disappearing in the brightness of the nights). Some birds are already nesting and it is really low season now. Mostly we are very busy but the moment we have some availability. A guided private tour optimizes your stay, it’s very flexible, we take care of your wishes, you get a lot of informations and we organize everything for you. Continue Reading →