South Coast, Thorsmörk and a drawning rental car

Mantra at the entrance of Stakkholtsgja in Thorsmörk. 15.07.2018

After two tours on a large bus it was time to start again on our 4×4 Mantra. The weather forecast looked rather badly but as the pictures are showing we got a day tour with sunshine. I left Reykjavik early with a group from Denmark to have a look at the South Coast attractions like the famous waterfalls and the black beaches. Instead of driving to town again we entered Thorsmörk, the valley with many glacier rivers and got there the fantastic evening light. It’s exciting to cross all those rivers but of course you need to know how to do it.  Continue Reading →


Whole vehicle fleet at home

All vehicles at home! From right to left: 4×4 Sprinter, Sprinter, 4×4 Hiace, 4×4 Mantra, 4×4 Landcruiser

It’s a rare picture to see all Best Travel vehicles at home! It was just for one single night and there are already less cars standing outside. The 4×4 Mantra left today for a tour including highlands, the 4×4 Sprinter does the same on Saturday and 4×4 Toyota Hiace leaves for a trip tonight. Continue Reading →


Apero at Glacierlagoon

Glacier ice for an apero at the Glacierlagoon. 11.06.2018

You ever visited the Glacierlagoon with Best Travel? We would like to show you what you can expect if you do it. Eggert does everything to serve you a Whisky on the rocks – with cubes of at least 1000 year old glacier ice. It’s really worth to try it. Continue Reading →


Finally – our new 4×4 Sprinter has arrived

The new 4×4 highland proof Mercedes Sprinter at the arrival day. 01.06.2018

Finally the new 4×4 Sprinter has arrived and was safely driven home to Keflavik this evening. For Best Travel it seemed to be an endless waiting time with some delay in production and many days were taken by the authorities for registration and customs in Iceland. But now the newest member in our fleet is at his new home in Keflavik and ready to travel. We welcome another brand new Mercedes Sprinter including 4×4 in our vehicle fleet. Continue Reading →