Flying sand causes broken window

4×4 Sprinter with taped broken window.01.04.2019

Iceland can be a very windy destination and in worst case loose sand is just blowing around. On it’s last tour around Iceland our 4×4 Sprinter was hit by flying sand or even small stones in the Southern part of East Iceland and unfortunately one window broke. Nobody was hurt, not more happened, just this window was damaged. Thanks to our connections the window was soon taped and the trip could safely continue. The travelling group wasn’t very large and everybody got still a good view during the tour. Continue Reading →


Winter fairytale tour for 4×4 Mantra

Fantastic view at Vatnsnes peninsula. 04.03.2019

The Best Travel owners are pretty sure even a bus can enjoy a tour in Iceland! Recently 4×4 Mantra, our baby got the chance to carry a small group of Best of Iceland over one week along the Wintermärchen trip – the name of this tour means winter fairytale – to the North of Iceland. The more North Mantra, the passengers, driver and guide found more snow and more peace. Continue Reading →


Bus meeting on tour

The whole bus fleet standing on the parking lot at Solheimajökull glacier. 08.02.2019

Our busses are busy on tour. But normally they only meet when home in Keflavik. Yesterday Mantra and 4×4 Sprinter met again and again on Golden Circle and today all three busses were standing on the parkground at Solheimajökull glacier where the guests joined a guided glacier hike. Continue Reading →