Colors of South Iceland

In wintertime the ice tongue of Svinafellsjökull looks more blue. 03.11.2018

Recent two weeks Best Travel drove three times along the South of Iceland and in a short time more will follow. The change in colors is surprizing and it’s fantastic to see how the landscape looks every time otherwise and it’s never boring to drive the the same route. The winter light has really a magic fascination! Continue Reading →


Safety first, spikes are on

It was a good decision to put the spike tyres on Sprinter. 03.10.2018

Winter fell early over Iceland and even there are laws telling spikes are forbidden until November 1st, I decided to change the tyres yesterday. Yes, I even risk to be fined for this but my passengers are more important and I want to bring them to safely to their destination and I don’t want them to be afraid during the tour. Continue Reading →


Magic tour in the southern highlands of Iceland

Landcruiser at Maelifellssandur F210, in front Mount Maelifell, to the right the Myrdalsjökull glacier.

It was some kind of season end and we offered us a tour through the highland part of Fjallabak in South Iceland. The weather forecast was not really promissing but it turned out to be a good moment with very little wind and rain. It as a fantastic experience and we met those three days almost nobody except few Laugavegur hikers near the huts of Alftavatn and Hvanngil, sheep gathering farmers, two Dacia Duster with badly equipped tourists who had no idea where they were (hopefully their adventure ended well, they were really stressed?)! Otherwise than them we could really enjoy the tour and many breathtaking moments as we ourselves and the Toyota Landcruiser were well equipped. Continue Reading →


Filling adblue and ready for the tour

4×4 Sprinter gets a big portion of adblue before starting the new tour. 31.08.2018

The plane is soon landing and the private tour with a three generation family starts on our new 4×4 Sprinter. After we drove ourselves several tours on 4×4 Mantra, we are happy to start today on our newest fleet member. It has already been driven almost 10’000 kilometers and it was necessary to refill adblue. It’s always exciting to go on private tours with a open program where we can decide day by day what is the best to do. We hope the family will be pleased with our vehicle, driving and guiding.