The story of 4×4 Mantra

Our 4×4 Mantra found on facebook. Not known when picture is taken and by whom.

Recently a picture of our 4×4 Mantra was posted on facebook among other older bus pics. I saw immediately the 4×4 Mantra of Iceland Excursions, later Grayline or known as Allrahanda company. Continue Reading →


Winter adventure on 4×4 Sprinter

4×4 Sprinter full of snow at Fosshotel Myvatn. 26.02.2020

Our 4×4 Sprinter is back and cleaned from a real winter adventure to North Iceland. Eleven guests from Switzerland joined the annually repeated Wintermärchen tour (translated winter fairy tale tour). As there was hardly any snow in Switzerland during this winter everybody was very happy to find white landscapes from the first to the last day. Continue Reading →


Beautiful winter

Our Sprinter in front of Foss a Sidu in winterlight. 28.01.2020

Best Travel is with several busses on the run again and got just fantastic winter days. While others are waiting for snow we got it just in a right amount to enjoy it and the sunshine made it even better. Continue Reading →


All started with 4×4 Mantra

4×4 Mantra belonged until August 2015 to Saeti bus company. 04.08.2015

In summer 2015 we bought our 4×4 Mantra and recently we saw it on a picture bus company Saeti from Egilsstadir had posted. Saeti company celebrated the 30. anniversery. When we saw our 4×4 Mantra with Saeti logo we looked back to the story how we became bus owner. Continue Reading →