Northern Light night to remember at Lake Myvatn

More colors can show up if Northern Lights are as strong as last night at Myvatn. 09.12.2018

We started in Reykjavik on a cloudy day for a circle around Iceland. The second day a storm hit us and the ring road was partly closed and the glacier hike cancelled. In South East Iceland it was cloudy again but my passengers had some hope to find the Northern Lights in Easticeland after a sunny day. But the sky in Egilsstadir was cloud covered. But yesterday we arrived in Northeast Iceland and staid at Lake Myvatn. There we got really a night to remember. Continue Reading →


Lomagnupur, again and again

Lomagnupur, the big former cliff beside the ringroad in South Iceland. 04.11.2018

It doesn’t matter if you are on a two- or three-days tour along the South Coast of Iceland all the way to Höfn or if you drive around Iceland you will meet Lomagnupur anyway. I didn’t count how many times I passed it in 2018, I drove again by this high rock today and I guess three times will follow before New Year. Continue Reading →


Snow challenge up North

Even more snow laying on 4×4 sprinter the next morning and hardly to recognize. 30.11.2018

Finally we reached Reykjavik but it was a big snow challenge we had to manage up North in Akureyri. We started the circle around Iceland exactly one week ago and got sunny and calm days in South and East Iceland. Even from Egilsstadir to Myvatn everything was fine but getting colder. Nature of Lake Myvatn was a frozen paradise. But the medias like online news, tv, radio… started more and more to warn about the upcoming storm crossing Iceland. Due to strong winds many roads were closed for some hours but in Akureyri we got wind and lot, lot lot of snow. Continue Reading →


Fantastic feedback to Best Travel

4×4 Sprinter in golden winter light. Mosfellsheidi 11.11.2018

This great feedback was added to our guestbook today and we like to read those lines again and again. Thank you very much Chase for your lovely comment:

My wife and I joined a 6 day small-group tour around Iceland in November 2018 guided by Eggert. Not only was Eggert extremely kind, patient, professional and funny throughout the entire trip, he also knows Iceland like the back of his hand. Continue Reading →