Getting ready to travel

Best Travel busses are getting ready to start after Corona lockdown. 30.05.2020

Slowly but surely Iceland is coming out of Corona lockdown! Some Icelandic people, mostly school kids have started to travel around and we got already some requests for short term drives. We start to put our busses on number plates again, every vehicle gets another cleaning and we are waiting for Iceland to open the borders and the planes from abroad to land here in Keflavik. Continue Reading →


Good news in good weather

Boat Baldur arrived 1961 in Keflavik and found the retirement place 2003. 15.05.2020

Since lockdown I met the retired boat Baldur many times when walking around Keflavik in any weather. With today’s sunshine and the Corona news from the government we hope our travelling season comes up as soon as mid of June. Hopefully travellers dare to come to Iceland this summer. Things about Covid 19 aren’t looking bad. We have almost no new infections here and some of the restrictions are already released in our life. Continue Reading →


Memory gift of a winter circle

Reynisfjara basalt columns. Picture by Mark Poszonyi, Feb 2020

Due to COVID 19 it’s very quiet in Iceland and hardly any tourists are here. Some other work at home is ongoing and let’s see when we are driving and guiding again. Exactly now I got an email with a link to many beautiful pictures taken and sent by Mark Pozsonyi who was joining one of my last winter circles in February. Continue Reading →


10 years Eyjafjallajökull eruption

Eruption over Thorvaldseyri. 20.04.2010

Unbelievable it’s already 10 years since Eyjafjallajökull eruption startet – and again we are in a big crises and hardly any planes are flying. Time to remember what happened in 2010. It was very impressive when I drove a group of journalists to Thorvaldseyri and took pictures. Continue Reading →