Saying goodbye to the puffins

Puffins are about to leave in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 05.08.2019

Somewhen unexpected hotel changes have a good side as on my last tour around Iceland. My group and me took the chance and added a drive to Borgarfjördur Eystri and visited the cute puffins there. Continue Reading →


4×4 Sprinter challenged the power play of the elements

4×4 Sprinter at a photo stop above Frostadarvatn close to Landmannalaugar. 23.07.2019

Recently our 4×4 Sprinter  came back from the exciting tour with a lovely group from Switzerland. The tour Kräftespiel der Elemente, in English the power play of the elements shows many various faces of Iceland, for the 4×4 Sprinter, for passengers, Best of Iceland guide and driver the two highland days are the most exciting. Our vehicle did its job very well and was of course glad the mountain tracks were in good shape and nothing broke. Continue Reading →


Kranavatn – best Icelandic tap water

Fill your water bottle with tap water at Keflavik airport. 30.07.2019

We try to avoid travellers buy many plastic bottles and let them from the first moment know Iceland has one of the best tap water, in Icelandic “kranavatn”. Bring your own bottle and refill it where ever you are and help to reduce plastic waste. Continue Reading →


Get familiar with 4×4 Landcruiser in Arnarvatnsheidi

Landcruiser exercices in Hallmundarhraun. 17.06.2019

We did some exercises on our new Landcruiser to get familiar with everything in the big lava field Hallmundarhraun and in Arnarvatnsheidi. Landcruiser is already booked for several private tours and Best of Iceland will be on a longer tour including September with a photographer as a driverguide. We crossed rivers to check 4×4, low gear and for some advise where and how it’s best to drive through water. Those days a snorkel will be fixed and we are then really proof for driving in water.

As much as we liked the driving exercises on this fantastic and highland proof vehicle we enjoyed the landscape. All day long we met just very few people and cars, but we had a look at the lava cave Surtshellir, the wonderful rope lava in Hallmundarhraun and saw many lakes in Arnarvatnsheidi. Continue Reading →