Wish for responsible tourist behaviour

Highland road in Fjallabak. Please stay on the road. 11.07.2017

The tour operator Tröll expeditions released a few days ago a new post in their blog about the wish tourists behave responsible in Iceland. Best Travel is proud to be in cooperation, to drive and to guide for this company who is worrying about Iceland’s nature by the growing number of tourists. Some tourists have a really bad behaviour. Best Travel likes to underline the five points Troll Expeditions is listing and explaining in their blog. 

Here a short resume of 5 rules we would like our guests and all tourists to take notice of:

  • Stay on designated path. Icelandic nature is very delicate and every footstep beside the marked path is the start of destroyment.
  • Don’t build cairns or other landmarks in nature. The nature is an artist of stone arrangements itself, there’s no need for tourists to build more sculptures and the origin.
  • Avoid using AirBnB in Reykjavik. Please book you an ordinary hotel room and help Icelandic people to find a place to live in their own country and the state the absolutely needed taxes to increase the infrastructure you will profit.
  • Do not off-road. Driving beside the tracks causes a longterm damage of nature and soil. Please stay on the roads.
  • Be mindful of your impact. There are several points tourists could and should take notice: avoid littering and throw your trash at the next gas station, buy local and not imported souvenirs to provide the local economy, use campgrounds, get an allowance to fly a drone and keep it away from nesting birds and other animals.

Best Travel, Best of Iceland and Tröll Expeditions are convinced many visitors already try their best to be responsible with Iceland’s nature. But there are still some they should learn about it and somewhen it is wise to let them know about it. Please read the whole post of Tröll Expeditons.

Best Travel likes to add one more point:

– Don’t bring yourself and others in danger. The Icelandic nature is not only beautiful it can sometimes be dangerous. Please find you a save place to take your selfie pictures and inform yourself about weather and road conditions before starting a tour on your own. Respect warning signs and online warnings.

Takk fyrir – thank you very much!

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