What a great weekend!

4×4 Mantra waiting at Stakkholtsgja in Thorsmörk for the group. 14.08.2020

Times are difficult, work is rare. Some of our busses were with German speaking driverguides on tour when the country opened for travellers. But what a feeling to be on tour myself during last weekend! And the weather couldn’t have been better.

Our 4×4 Mantra got the chance to cross the rivers into Thorsmörk valley and all the way to Basar the first day. On the way out the group visited Stakkholtsgja gorge where it is needed to jump over the creek from time to time.

The  the second day we went all the way to Laki craters. Both days were in really fascinating landscape. Many thanks we were chosen for this tour. If you like to see more special places don’t hesitate, we are ready to start almost immediately.

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