Velkomin new Sprinter

The new Sprinter on it’s first little circle around Keflavik. 19.06.2019

Yesterday Best Travel had the pleasure to pick up a brand new Mercedes Sprinter that was delivered from Poland to Reykjavik by Eimskip. It’s always exciting to get a new vehicle out of the customs and to start the engine the first time.

The key needs just to be in the bus and to begin with I had to look for the gear shift. But I found it and it’s just easy to shift at the steering wheel. We are very happy to have vehicle number 6 home in Keflavik and it will be on tour soon as all the registration and inspection is done, the number plates are on. The new Sprinter is very similar to the one we got 2017, it has 19 passenger seats and of course the driver seat. It is the longer version with some luggage space in the back to avoid to have always a carrier.

If you are looking for a private tour or ride on our newest vehicle just send an email to

The new Mercedes Sprinter from the side. 19.06.2019

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