Vatnajökull’s stunning blue ice

Blue ice cave in Vatnajökull. 16.03.2018

It’s some weeks since Best Travel drove to the Southeast of Iceland, to Europe’s largest glacier Vatnajökull. Especially in winter time it’s a blue ice world. It even looks little bit as somebody painted Svinafellsjökull glacier. The blue color is some kind of unreal but it’s all nature. If you join a guided ice cave tour in Vatnajökull you find another blue color, it’s a deep blue in clear ice with some black corns or stripes in it. To be inside a glacier gives you a special feeling. The ice cave time will soon be over. Some caves are already filled with water of the melting glacier but there are still a few to visit. I hope it will be like this on our next circle around Iceland starting March 25th but we never know what nature offers. Next winter will come and there will be again possibilities to visit stunning ice caves in Vatnajökull. Svinafellsjökull can be visited all year round, the blue ice changes more to white during summer time. Please note, never walk to the ice on your own and never enter an ice cave without a specialized guide!

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