Urridafoss. 05.10.2017

Urridafoss is a not very knows waterfall located just few meters South of ring road no 1 in Thjorsa river between Selfoss and Hella. There is a lot of water coming down, up to 360 m3/s and it falls 6 meters down on a width of 40 meters. Yes, this is not as high as many other waterfalls but never the less it’s a nice scenery and just great to spend some time there on a sunny day like today. Best Travel stopped to have a look and remembered some surprising pictures taken 2009, when the nearby farmer showed what he catched. In his nets he had several fishes. Urridi of course, what gives the waterfall the name. This kind of trout lives in the Atlantic Ocean but swims up the river to lay down the eggs. But different to salmon, urridi or arctic char is eating in fresh water as well. It’s maybe wise you have a look at Urridafoss nextly as there is a project of a power plant below the waterfall. Until now there are existing several power plants more up the river. If the new one is built, Urridafoss will not exist anymore. Remember to have a look at Urridafoss in winter time as well. You might find a lot of ice sculptures. If you like Best Travel to bring you there just send an email to info@besttravel.is

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