To Gigjökull in Thorsmörk

Fantastic scenery at Gigjökull in Thorsmörk. Marianne 09.03.2017

It was a sudden decision in Wintermärchen tour (translated winter fairy tale) to turn into Thorsmörk, what is always a big adventure as several creeks and rivers are needed to be crossed. After a shaking drive on a track with holes, snowy parts and through water Best Travel’s small group catched a great morning at Gigjökull. Nobody had arrived here as yet the same day. The sun climbed high enough to shine over Eyjafjallajökull into the valley. The landscape was lighted up in fascinating way. It was rather warm and no wind to feel. The mountains were shown in a mirror in water ponds. Just Gigjökull got no sunlight but the changes of the eruption of 2010 and the melting of the glacier were clearly visible. The glacier retreated last year by 50 meters. Interested? Send your request to Best Travel,

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