Stranded cod at Diamond Beach

Large stranded cod in front of Sprinter. 24.03.2019

Best Travel and its group got a big surprise today at the Diamond Beach beside Jökulsarlon Glacierlagoon. Between an immense amount of ice cubes at the black beach we found a large but dead cod.

From my early days as a fishermen I realized the gills were full of blood and knew instantly this large cod just died short time ago. We decided to bring the heavy fish to the bus and drove with the special passenger on board  to the parking lot of Glacierlagoon, where the fish was brought to the fish and chips wagon. The owner was very pleased about this unexpected gift! We tried to figure out the size of the cod and estimated about one meter length and 20 kilo weight. Another surprise was found during cutting the cod. When taking out the entrails a capelin appeared as well as the roe. The female cod must have been just before laying the roe into water but followed the capelin towards the lagoon to eat it. Later it ended in shallow water and was swept to shore with the next high tide. In this time of the year capelin fishing is ongoing in Iceland. But no capelin was found as yet and therefore no quota (allowed amount to fish) was given out. What the fishermen couldn’t find the cod found but was not aware of the danger to strand at the beach with the change of the tides. Yes, this was a big surprize for everybody, even me as a former seaman. Of course we got a new friend at the Glacierlagoon with the owner of Nailed It Fish and Chips (just on facebook). The group enjoyed this sunny day after wind and snow yesterday and it makes me always happy to get surprises like today’s experience with the large stranded cod. Those things can’t be booked, but Iceland offers here and there unforgettable unexpected moments! Let’s see what the 8 days tour around Iceland of Guide to Iceland has ready for us…

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