Storm warning, take care when travelling

Storm warning from 14.03.2018

Best Travel is safely back from Wintermaerchen tour to North Iceland and had a fantastic week with cold but nice weather. More about this tour will follow. Today a new tour starts around Iceland including a glacier hike, ice cave visit in Vatnajökull and a lava cave visit on Snaefellsnes peninsula. But today’s warnings  tell us to take care of the situation. In the South of the country a lot of wind is expected, the North got a lot of snow recently and beside mountains the danger of avalanches is increasing. If you travel alone on a rental care, please check constantly the helpful websites of Safetravel, the weather side of the meteorological institute Vedur with their special warning and the road conditions of Vegagerdin. You might be able to avoic to get into heavy troubles. We wish you as well as us a safe travel or in Icelandic: goda ferd! If you feel more safe not to travel alone your are welcome to contact

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