Spikes for your safety

Safety spikes for shoes. 21.11.2017

Best Travel’s next tour is starting tomorrow. It’s cold in Iceland the moment and there are many frozen places and some accidents happened the last days. Many park grounds are covered with ice and it’s rather dangerous to get out of the vehicle. As we want to keep you healthy we provide safety spikes for the shoes. A box of several sizes is in bus and you can get you a pair to use. them for free. We are happy if you turn them in at the end of the tour. They are easy to fix and fit more or less to every shoe. They are not thought to walk on glaciers but wearing the spikes you will be able to do easy walks on ice and you won’t slip. There’s no question about being prepared for slippery roads. All tires on our vehicles are with spikes. We try to do our best for your safety and to let you have a fantastic trip. Let’s enjoy safely Geysir, Gullfoss and Glacier Lagoon. For the glacier hike you will get professional crampons.

Easy spikes for shoes. 21.11.2017

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