South Coast, Thorsmörk and a drawning rental car

Mantra at the entrance of Stakkholtsgja in Thorsmörk. 15.07.2018

After two tours on a large bus it was time to start again on our 4×4 Mantra. The weather forecast looked rather badly but as the pictures are showing we got a day tour with sunshine. I left Reykjavik early with a group from Denmark to have a look at the South Coast attractions like the famous waterfalls and the black beaches. Instead of driving to town again we entered Thorsmörk, the valley with many glacier rivers and got there the fantastic evening light. It’s exciting to cross all those rivers but of course you need to know how to do it. To bring my passengers to the hut in Langidalur we had even to drive through the big river Krossa. It was no problem for our Mantra with the low gear! But some minutes before we were overtaken by a white Dacia Duster rental car and were not so much surprised to to meet this car in the rather wide river Steinholtsa. The three passenger were creeping out of the Duster, there luggage was already here and there and the car was stuck in sand. In fact the danger comes more of water streams but those guys just crossed without having a look and most likely by far to fast. If the car is to repair at all it will be a very expensive adventure for the three men as no insurance is paying for damages in water.

3 guys tried to cross the river Steinholtsa in Thorsmörk but drawned their rental car. 15.07.2018

There are several things you need to know if you want to cross rivers. Either you inform yourself and have a proper look at the situation or you just book a guided tour where you can enjoy the adventure with an experienced driver. I wish the Danish group now a nice hiking tour to Landmannalaugar and like to thank you for booking Best Travel.

Here are some more pics of the wonderful daytour:

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