Snow challenge up North

Even more snow laying on 4×4 sprinter the next morning and hardly to recognize. 30.11.2018

Finally we reached Reykjavik but it was a big snow challenge we had to manage up North in Akureyri. We started the circle around Iceland exactly one week ago and got sunny and calm days in South and East Iceland. Even from Egilsstadir to Myvatn everything was fine but getting colder. Nature of Lake Myvatn was a frozen paradise. But the medias like online news, tv, radio… started more and more to warn about the upcoming storm crossing Iceland. Due to strong winds many roads were closed for some hours but in Akureyri we got wind and lot, lot lot of snow. We had no chance to leave from there yesterday when we were supposed to stay in Borgarfjördur. The mountain passes along the ringroad, Öxnadalsheidi (540 meters above sealevel) and Holtavörduheidi were closed all day and opened today about lunch time. The only thing we could do was walking in snow and explore Akureyri in its real winter coat. But this is how it can be in Iceland. If you can’t fullfill your program just relax and wait. Watch out for a museum or a pool and don’t start to be upset. Nevertheless the roads were challenging and our 4×4 Sprinter on 35″ tires made again a good job! Our advises: Calculate some spare time if travelling in winter, are you travelling on your own without driverguide check always the following websites before leaving in the morning:,, and respect the warnings for your own safety. And don’t forget to take a shovel with you. We wish you “goda ferd” as we say in Iceland or like to welcome you to travel with us and our experience,

Some impressions taken on the parking lot of our accommodation:

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