Saying goodbye to the puffins

Puffins are about to leave in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 05.08.2019

Somewhen unexpected hotel changes have a good side as on my last tour around Iceland. My group and me took the chance and added a drive to Borgarfjördur Eystri and visited the cute puffins there. In Iceland we call them “lundi”, in German they are called “Papageitaucher”. It was the latest moment as those lovely seabirds are leaving Iceland normally between August 10. to 20. Most of them are leaving the same moment and won’t come back until next spring. Recently scientists reported the bird breeding was well ongoing and especially in South Iceland the nesting was much better than in previous years. Best Travel is already looking forward to greet the puffins again in 2020. Best of Iceland is actually preparing tours in the West and the East of Iceland with puffin guarantee, means you can really expect to the puffins as we visit several very good spots where they nest and we will take us time to observe and picture them. By the way, to picture puffins is not very difficult as they are often standing or sitting beside their breeding holes. But if they are swimming and looking for food at sea you have to wait for their comeback.

Puffins and kittiwakes in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 05.08.2019

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