Safety first, spikes are on

It was a good decision to put the spike tyres on Sprinter. 03.10.2018

Winter fell early over Iceland and even there are laws telling spikes are forbidden until November 1st, I decided to change the tyres yesterday. Yes, I even risk to be fined for this but my passengers are more important and I want to bring them to safely to their destination and I don’t want them to be afraid during the tour. In the news we could read many travellers having heavy problems in some parts of Iceland and got stuck here and there, read Iceland Review. Our new 4×4 sprinter is on a circle and well equipped to go around. Finally the authorities changed the date for this year and spikes are now allowed. It’s always wise to check the weather forecast and to take decisions to guarantee the safety. We made South Coast without problems and we are well equipped for Snaefellsnes peninsula the next days. This is how we work!

Sprinter in Seljavellir, South Iceland. 03.10.2018

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