Puffins have arrived

Puffins in front of the nesting tunnel in Borgarfjördur Eystri. 06.06.2016

To say goodbye to the Northern Lights and the arrival of several bird species goes hand in hand. The most popular seabird in Iceland, the puffin has arrived. The puffins live at sea for about seven month but in spring they come back to meet their partner, to lay and egg, to bread and to rise one baby puffin. But first the male puffin starts to prepare the nest to have everything ready when the female partner arrives. The puffins aren’t to find everywhere in Iceland. You need to know the spots and even the arriving time is from place to place different. The first pictures I saw from Northeast Iceland. And in my mind it would be a great time to visit the puffins now. I know, it’s a long drive but believe me, it’s worth it. I can show you many nice places while driving by but we should have enough time to stay in Borgarfjördur Eystri, in my mind the best place to observe and pictures those cute birds. Exactly now aren’t many tourists on tour and nature will belong to us. Even the prices lower than in high season. Convinced? Yes, I can bring you there this week or the two weeks from May 2nd. As I grew up in East Iceland I know many other nice places and we can of course meet the locals. First contact me and we will plan the tour together. The jeep is ready, what you need to bring with you is time to travel to the Northeast and finally enough time to wait for the puffins on spot to come back to land after fishing. This might take a few hours. Don’t forget your camera and a lot of space on your memory cards. I’m looking forward to your email to info@besttravel.is or your phone call.

Borgarfjördur Eystri is a great place to observe the puffins on land and at sea. 06.06.2016

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