Northern Lights Deluxe

Fantastic Northern Lights at Myvatn. 22.02.2018

Best Travel is once again on a circle including Snaefellsnes peninsula. After rather bad weather with lot of wind, rain and melting snow the group got a perfect Northern Light show last night at Myvatn up North. But why Deluxe? This is easy to explain: First you take a bath at the Myvatn Nature Bath Jardbödin, relax in the wonderful soft and warm water. Everybody’s body was well warmed up when the sky started to glow and even before midnight. It was just fantastic. As a driver I need some sleep but when having a look at Leirvogur observatory magnetic measurements of last night the Northern Lights were probably on the whole night.

The magnetic measurement lines of Leirvogur show lot of movement during the night. 23.02.2018

Of course there is never a guarantee you find the Northern Lights but if you don’t try it you never catch it, this is for sure. Next chance Best Travel gives you is the tour with Best of Iceland (German guided) starting March 4th. We are pretty sure we could provide a short term booking for you.

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