Northern Light night to remember at Lake Myvatn

More colors can show up if Northern Lights are as strong as last night at Myvatn. 09.12.2018

We started in Reykjavik on a cloudy day for a circle around Iceland. The second day a storm hit us and the ring road was partly closed and the glacier hike cancelled. In South East Iceland it was cloudy again but my passengers had some hope to find the Northern Lights in Easticeland after a sunny day. But the sky in Egilsstadir was cloud covered. But yesterday we arrived in Northeast Iceland and staid at Lake Myvatn. There we got really a night to remember. The light spectacle was just fantastic. Of course at Myvatn you have very wide sky to all directions. Yes, we were really very, very lucky and it’s important to enjoy those moments us much as possible. Even it was cold outside the time was quite comfortable and nobody had to remove from bed. Even me with a simple camera could take some nice pictures.

We are already looking forward to tour in cooperation with Best of Iceland in March. During the tour Wintermärchen unter Nordlichtern in Nordisland (German guided, still few seats available) we stay for two nights at Lake Myvatn and hope of course the last night will be repeated… If you have any questions about it just let us know or .

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