Meet a Yulelad and dance with him

Yulelad in Dimmuborgir. 14.12.2017

It’s quite special to be on a circle around Iceland in wintertime and even when the days are really short. Today we came from Eastern Iceland to Myvatn up North. When visiting the lava formations in Dimmuborgir we found a real Yulelad. It’s the first time I met one myself even I know about the tradition of the 13 Jolasveinar, their ugly mother Gryla and Jolakötturinn, the Christmas cat since my childhood, it was big surprize and even more when the Yulelad started to dance with my group. This is really to recommend and a good option to the crowded Christmas markets in Middle Europe. Shall we try find a Yulelad before Christmas 2018. Just let me know on time:

Dancing with a Yulelad in Dimmuborgir. 14.12.2017

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