Mantra pictured by Northern Lights

Dancing Northern Lights over Mantra at Myvatn. 18.03.2018

When leaving Myvatn Nature Bath after 9 pm I was blended by dancing Northern Lights all over the sky. It looked like our lonesome standing Mantra on the parkinglot was enjoying the spectacle. Or was it otherwise? Maybe the Northern Lights pictured this nice vehicle standing there?

There was high sun activitiy predicted over several days. In the South we had nothing but rain and cloudy sky, in the East I saw the Aurora Borealis for a few minutes but now up North my group an me we got a fantastic show after enjoying a warm and peaceful bath. Sometimes life is really to enjoy! Let’s see if we are lucky on our next tour around Iceland. It might be the last chance as days are getting rapidly longer and soon there will be no darkness anymore for more than 3 month. Mantra will for sure enjoy the mignight sun on our summer tours.

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