Magic winter is coming up

Sprinter in winter landscape at Holmahals in Reydarfjördur

Our busses are on the run and already met winter. The moment the more east the more winter is to find, the landscape is really white in Easticeland. End of October driverguide Asi drove around Iceland on 4×4 Sprinter with a German speaking group and now I’m on one of several upcoming circles on  Sprinter. All our busses are on spikes for passengers security. The days are getting shorter, but there are always some hours daylight. Many people think it’s nothing but dark in winter in Iceland but this isn’t true at all. The sun rises not high if shining and brightness in the morning is coming rather late. The bright hours are of a very special light, some kind of magic light it’s worth to experience. On many places it is very quiet now and together with the snow and the blue light makes winter tours very special. We recommend to try it and if you are lucky you get even the Northern Lights during the dark hours. We are always checking out the sky, Asi was very successful recently.

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