Magic tour in the southern highlands of Iceland

Landcruiser at Maelifellssandur F210, in front Mount Maelifell, to the right the Myrdalsjökull glacier.

It was some kind of season end and we offered us a tour through the highland part of Fjallabak in South Iceland. The weather forecast was not really promissing but it turned out to be a good moment with very little wind and rain. It as a fantastic experience and we met those three days almost nobody except few Laugavegur hikers near the huts of Alftavatn and Hvanngil, sheep gathering farmers, two Dacia Duster with badly equipped tourists who had no idea where they were (hopefully their adventure ended well, they were really stressed?)! Otherwise than them we could really enjoy the tour and many breathtaking moments as we ourselves and the Toyota Landcruiser were well equipped.

Day 1, F210 Fjallabak Sydri: We started the F210 at the old museum farm Keldur and volcano Hekla showed soon up. Several rivers were to cross and we drove through different landscapes. Somewhen we saw three glaciers the same time, Tindfjallajökull, Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull. Finally we were in Maelifellsandur and the nice green mountain Maelifell stood in front of us. In Brytalaekur the sunset was like a dream.

Day 2, F233 Alftavatnaleid & F235 to Langisjor lake: Today it was more up and down. Several times we got fantastic overviews and could directly see into valleys and even into Eldgja, the famous volcanic rift. Just short behind Alftavatn we were surprised about the next river. It was full of stones and rather deep. Good to be experienced in such conditions! We really enjoyed the colorful autumn colors of the vegetation. Another long sandy landscape leaded to Langisjor, the long lake that ends in the east with Vatnajökull glacier. It was like a dream as at the beginning there was no wind and the lake like mirror. Later on Axlarfoss waterfall was waiting for us.

Lake Langjor reaches Vatnajökull glacier. 10.09.2018

Day 3, F232 Öldufellsleid: A lot of black sand, some lava, some red craters are to find directly beside Myrdalsjökull. The track follows this glacier on its eastern side down to Myrdalssandur. Even here are several creeks and rivers to cross and this road isn’t easy at all and needs your concentration. But you feel again the power of fire and ice. Before coming down Holmsarfoss was waiting, a real nature pearl.

We can always recommend you an adventurous highland tour in Iceland. For some parts you should wait until mid or end of July. Maybe you have some wishes, maybe you would like us to make some suggestions. For the more difficult highland tracks we recommend our jeep, some parts can be done on 4×4 Sprinter or Mantra. Anyway the most pleasure you find if you book the tour with an experienced driver. We can provide both of it. Let us just know what you are looking for.

More about Öldufellsleid is to find on the website of Best of Iceland (in German).

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