Lomagnupur, again and again

Lomagnupur, the big former cliff beside the ringroad in South Iceland. 04.11.2018

It doesn’t matter if you are on a two- or three-days tour along the South Coast of Iceland all the way to Höfn or if you drive around Iceland you will meet Lomagnupur anyway. I didn’t count how many times I passed it in 2018, I drove again by this high rock today and I guess three times will follow before New Year. I think this reason enough to have a better a look at this mountain and to do researches. Lomagnupur is the entrance to or the exit from the glacierworld of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier with the huge Skeidararsandur. For many years the ringr oad ended where Lomagnupur is standing. 1974 the ring road was finally finished east of this mountain and since then increased traffic drives by. Lomagnupur rises 764 meters above sealevel. The almost vertical part close to the ring road reaches 671 meters and the highest cliff in Iceland. The mountain is mainly built of Palagonit with layers of lava and sediments between. It was built over one million of years, the upper part is about 1,5 million years old, the lower 2,5 million years. Between ice ages and even 10’000 years ago after the last ice age Lomagnupur was directly at the coast line and the sea formed it. This is the reason we can call it cliff. Two to three rockslides are verifiable, the last one was connected to an earthquake in 1789 and is visible on the western side of Lomagnupur. This mountain is very eye-catching and even the Vikings must have been impressed about 1000 years ago. Lomagnupur is mentioned in the famous Njall Saga where Flosi dreamed a  giant to come out of the mountain and announcing him the death of his people. Please find some pictures of Lomagnupur in the gallery. 

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