Kranavatn – best Icelandic tap water

Fill your water bottle with tap water at Keflavik airport. 30.07.2019

We try to avoid travellers buy many plastic bottles and let them from the first moment know Iceland has one of the best tap water, in Icelandic “kranavatn”. Bring your own bottle and refill it where ever you are and help to reduce plastic waste.Icelandic water from sources or boreholes is well controlled and was filtered for a long time by through lava and sand in nature. Restaurants provide tap water for free and it’s among the best in the world. Try it and if you are on a trip in the highlands or far away from where people live you can fill your bottle in clear creeks. Avoid milky glacier greeks as they carry a lot of sediments with them.

Have a look at the funny kranavatn video on youtube made by Inspired by Iceland

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