June 17th National Day of Iceland under Corona

Flags are everywhere on National day. 17.06.2020

June 17th is our national day and everywhere are flags to be seen. Just this year are less festivities ongoing, in Reykjavik the big parade is cancelled due to Corona virus. Meanwhile we are allowed to gather together with up to 500 people. Instead of public meetings many will meet today with their family and friends and celebrate in smaller groups. We just opened our borders for guests from Schengen area. The recent weeks we were almost virus free and we hope with the testing at the airport the situation remains like this.

Iceland became independent in 1944 just after word war II. June 17th was chosen as date for our national day as it is the birthday of Jon Sigurdsson, who fighted and prepared our independence long before. He lived between 1811 and 1879.

Til hamingu Island!

Flags beside Duus hus in Keflavik. 17.06.2020

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