Jepparleidi, adventurous jeep track in Westfjords

4×4 jeep challenging the coastline on road 622. 17.09.2019

We just heard about it but we never did it. This is road 622 in the Westfjords, leading from Hrafnseyri in Arnarfjördur to Thingeyri in Dyrafjördur all the away at the coastline.The main road (road 60) with the traffic leads over Hrafnseyjrarheidi. We took the chance of few days off to try it. A sign close to the junction in Hrafnseyri warns the track partly leads directly along the seashore and only 4×4 jeeps should go for it. We would recommend to try it on a really good jeep and it’s wise to be aware of the tides. Don’t drive the part at the sea during high tide!

In a lovely weather as we got it is a scenic and adventurous tour. The big challenge is really when driving beside the sea over rough and rolling stones and over long slippery algae. It was visible the shore had recently been changed by high waves, stones were wet and rolled down. We shoveled some up to get a more secure way to drive on. We are very happy our jeep made it! The view all around is scenic, the automn colours were beautiful and we had even the pleasure to see some humpback whales in Arnarfjördur. Interested? Let us know early enough

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