Impressive high water level in Glacierlagoon

Glacierlagoon Jökulsarlon with exceptionally high waterlevel. 28.09.2017

As Glacierlagoon Jökulsarlon is among the most visited spots in Iceland Best Travel is quite often there. But it’s never the same situation there, sometimes it’s just full of icebergs, a few days later there’s almost no ice. But today the water level was unbelievable high and the tides had a lot of power on the ice. It was impressive the watch the scenery. Due to heavy rain recent days and hours the water at least two meters higher than what you find normally. There was no chance to walk alongside the lagoon’s shore as people often do. Everything was full of water. Best Travel was lucky to be able to visit the Glacierlagoon today. Please check the road conditions before you travel in the Southeast and East of Iceland. Some roads are actually closed due to floodings. Drive carefully! Please have a look at the following pictures and see the difference of the water level at the hill comparing to normal level.

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