Hunting the Northern Lights

It’s a great moment when the Nothern Lights show up. Keflavik, 15.11.2017, 21h45

When you start for a Northern Light tour you never know how it will be and if you find them at all. During the day the predictions looked well and even clear sky was promised. We started at 8 pm and a thick cloud was hanging over Keflavik and it has been snowing! Should we give up? No, we decided to try it even the satellite figures dropped. We drove to Gardur and on towards Sandgerdi. Just a week green shining was to find between the clouds. We left the dark place we found and went for another spot closer to Keflavik, waited some moments and we got a rather short but really nice show at the sky. Want to try it? Just call +354 892 5121 when in Keflavik or announce your interest to . There are many things Best Travel can tell you about the Northern Lights while waiting and searching the sky.

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