Hike between Reykjanes lighthouses

Reykjanesviti senior, the old lighthouse at the coastline. 23.04.2017

Somewhen and in good weather it is wise not just to drive but to take a hike as well. Best Travel knows a good selection of possibilities and can highly recoomend to walk between old and new lighthouses. Both are named Reykjanesviti, one is standing beside the road and easily to reach, the other one is outside at the coastline.

The hike takes about two hours, one half is not really a path but marked, the other part is on a small track and more convenient. Best Travel offer you this tour in Reykjanes Geopark and hikes with you the whole way or a just partly. And if you wish to have a picnic, this will be no problem. We are looking forward to your request at info@besttravel.is




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