Good news in good weather

Boat Baldur arrived 1961 in Keflavik and found the retirement place 2003. 15.05.2020

Since lockdown I met the retired boat Baldur many times when walking around Keflavik in any weather. With today’s sunshine and the Corona news from the government we hope our travelling season comes up as soon as mid of June. Hopefully travellers dare to come to Iceland this summer. Things about Covid 19 aren’t looking bad. We have almost no new infections here and some of the restrictions are already released in our life. The economy looks very poor the moment but we are optimistic to restart nextly. The latest June 15th the border will be open again for tourists to travel around with few restrictions to help not to run into a second Corona wave. The government announced incoming foreigners will be tested upon arrival at the airport or they bring a valid health paper from their home country. Otherwise they need to go to a 14 days quaranteen what probably nobody wants. We are ready to show Iceland in its beauty to travellers. All our vehicles are prepared and we can start immediately. Walking around in Keflavik in good weather is nice and relaxing and we like to show you in Keflavik around but our passion is driving around Iceland and we hope it will be soon. Interested?

Keflavik harbour. 15.05.2020


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