Glacierlagoon recovered

Again normal water level in Glacierlagoon again. 07.10.2017

It’s just little bit more than one week when the water level was extremely high in Glacierlagoon as I never saw it before. I was wondering how it looks today before the arrival in the afternoon. Even there was no sunshine, I was happy to see the normal water level and took a short walk along the shore what wasn’t possible last time. But it’s easily to see the water was standing some meter higher up the hill. This is how nature works in Iceland and the same destination looks always otherwise. The previous windy days carried many smaller and larger ice cubes out to the sea, the tides throw them back to the black sand where the ice looks like diamonds. It’s always worth to have a look at the so called Diamond Beach. Are you on my next tour? Or would you like to join our German guided tour Wintermaerchen unter Nordlichtern und im Eis end of February ’18, where we visit Glacierlagoon, the ice caves in Vatnajökull and much more. And of course we are looking for the Northern Lights when it’s dark. Interested? Just send an email to

Blue and clear ice cubes at the Diamond Beach. 07.10.2017

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