Getting ready to travel

Best Travel busses are getting ready to start after Corona lockdown. 30.05.2020

Slowly but surely Iceland is coming out of Corona lockdown! Some Icelandic people, mostly school kids have started to travel around and we got already some requests for short term drives. We start to put our busses on number plates again, every vehicle gets another cleaning and we are waiting for Iceland to open the borders and the planes from abroad to land here in Keflavik.All in all we are optimistic as flight schedule starting June 15th has been announced, just some arrival informations are missing the moment, expected to come the next days. Of course we hope travellers trust to come to Iceland and our booked summer tours can be done. For sure every visitor gets a lot of privacy in the spectacular Icelandic nature as tourisme dropped down to almost zero. A big chance for visiting Iceland this summer! If you are interested to travel with us don’t hesitate to contact us to get an offer and even travel suggestions for summer, automn and winter if you aren’t familiar with Iceland,

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