Get familiar with 4×4 Landcruiser in Arnarvatnsheidi

Landcruiser exercices in Hallmundarhraun. 17.06.2019

We did some exercises on our new Landcruiser to get familiar with everything in the big lava field Hallmundarhraun and in Arnarvatnsheidi. Landcruiser is already booked for several private tours and Best of Iceland will be on a longer tour including September with a photographer as a driverguide. We crossed rivers to check 4×4, low gear and for some advise where and how it’s best to drive through water. Those days a snorkel will be fixed and we are then really proof for driving in water.

As much as we liked the driving exercises on this fantastic and highland proof vehicle we enjoyed the landscape. All day long we met just very few people and cars, but we had a look at the lava cave Surtshellir, the wonderful rope lava in Hallmundarhraun and saw many lakes in Arnarvatnsheidi. They are popular for fishing. On our way we saw sheep of course, several Golden Plovers and one nest with eggs and finally a couple of Great Northern Divers but couldn’t find their nest. In the wind shelter of an old sheep house we enjoyed lunch we brought with. It’s definitely a tour to recommend. The pictures give some impression. Interested?

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