Five times Sprengisandur

Driving the rough track Sprengisandur. 27.07.2016

Best Travel drove five times the longest and highest highland road called Sprengisandur this summer. It’s every time again a challenge and the driver always hopes the vehicle lasts as he?s responsible for the passengers. There are many kilometers of rough gravel road getting worse the longer the summer. Several rivers are to cross, many are easy but it’s wise to take care in Svarta as there are large lave stones in it. The rivers around the hut of Nyidalur can be very different, somewhen with a lot of water, the next time just with litte water. You never know… Most of the kilometers are just grey stone desert as far as you can see but what a view when passing a pink field of arctic willow herb in a riverbed. As soon as there is a creek green moss can be found and different other plants. If the weather is clear you can see Mt. Hekla and the mountains of Landmannalaugar in the South as well as Vatnajökull and both volcanoes named Haganga. The road leads for a long time alongside of Hofsjökull glacier. Up North you can have a view to Herdubreid, the queen of the mountains, Dyngjufjöll where Askja caldera is located and parts of the Vatnajökull glacier. Today you travel on a good 4×4 vehicle but it’s difficult to imagine this was done on horseback for many centuries. Travelling North you are happy to arrive at Kidagil from where you drive more or less downwards. iIt’s still a long way until Aldeyjarfoss one of the most beautiful waterfalls with fantastic basalt column pattern. 43 kilometers more in Bardardalur, a dirty but fast gravel road and you are released after 230 km at the ringroad beside Godafoss. some say the landscape is boring but actuelly it’s breathtaking and stunning. Sprengisandur is again and again an adventure for the driver, the guide and of course the passengers! And Best Travel will do it again, the latest 2018. Interested?

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