Faskrudsfjördur shows it’s best side

Morning view in Faskrudsfjördur. 18.03.2018

This was today’s morning view in Faskrudsfjördur in East Iceland. There aren’t many words needed and we just enjoyed it, especially after the rain we got in South Iceland. Those moments are unforgettable but I have to add, the night before wasn’t bad either with bright Northern Lights right over the town. 

Northern Lights in Faskrudsfjördur. 17.03.2018

But talking about Faskrudsfjördur I’d like to introduce Fosshotel Eastfjords we slept last night. Did you know this was a hospital during the time when many French fisherman came here every year. The hospital stood for many years outside the fjord and was moved to town again of Fosshotel. It was renewed and a sister building added. There’s even an interesting museum underneath the road where you learn many things about the French people living here. Best Travel thinks you should consider to visit Faskrudsfjördur when in Iceland. Shall we bring you there? Send your request to info@besttravel.is.

Fosshotel Eastfjords, the old and renewed French hospital. 18.03.2018

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