Fantastic Golden Circle Deluxe on New Year’s Day

Wonderful moment at icy Golden Waterfall Gullfoss. 01.01.2018

The start into the new year couldn’t have been better. Best Travel and Best of Iceland offered the traditional New Year’s Day tour Golden Circle Deluxe in a small group on Mantra. While picking up people at the hotels concert hall Harpa was lighted up with 2018. When arriving Thingvellir Nationalpark around midday the sun lighted up the lake and the landscape. We felt like in a fairy tale. Over Lyngdalsheidi the view was so fantastic. We had to stop and saw all the volcanoes, Mt. Hekla, Tindfjöll and even Eyjafjallajökull. The Golden Waterfall Gullfoss is wearing an icy coat and showed its best face. It’s really magic to be at Geysir during sunset. The staff at Spa Fontana just digged out of the hot spring a freshly baked bread the group was offered to taste. The same time the full moon rised over the mountain and created a silver stripe over the lake. Just the right moment to enjoy a warm bath and the steam bath. Heated up and after a nice dinner we tried to find the Northern Lights. This wasn’t easy at all. With a very bright moon and snow on the ground it was very bright. We tried it at the beach in Eyrarbakki where some ice cubes were sparkling in the moon light. Nothing to find at the sky. We drove up to pass Threngsli and waited for a while. Outside of the bus was suddenly a very weak stripe visible at the sky. On the test picture it was green. And the group was very lucky to observe a smart Northern Light at the sky. What a great day. Best Travel hopes to get many more like this.

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