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4×4 Sprinter in golden winter light. Mosfellsheidi 11.11.2018

This great feedback was added to our guestbook today and we like to read those lines again and again. Thank you very much Chase for your lovely comment:

My wife and I joined a 6 day small-group tour around Iceland in November 2018 guided by Eggert. Not only was Eggert extremely kind, patient, professional and funny throughout the entire trip, he also knows Iceland like the back of his hand. Eggert took care of everything, allowing us to totally relax and enjoy Iceland without stressing about accomodation, navigation, scheduling, and driving through extreme weather. As a couple who also enjoys backpacking and planning our own itineraries in foreign countries we were VERY glad to have booked this guided tour rather than going it alone (especially in winter!). We actually saw several vehicles flipped over on the side of icy roads during our trip and felt like we definitely made the right choice in having a native Icelander handle this part for us! The entire tour was like being whisked around on a magic carpet and we got to see every natural wonder, cozy fishing village, and tourist attraction we were hoping for. The Mercedes touring van was clean, new, comfortable to ride in and perfectly heated. Eggert was also able to paint a vivid picture of the people, history, culture, food, and geology of Iceland throughout the entire trip.We hadn’t even considered how important this might be before booking this tour, but it ended up making the trip for us and is something we would have missed out on if we had decided to rough it by ourselves. All in all, we were extremely happy with Best Travel and would recommend them to anyone thinking about taking a short or long tour in Iceland.


  1. this is Eggert! Best man in Iceland!

    • Takk fyrir Christine 🙂 I‘m looking forward to travel with you to the Westfjords in March. This will be a great experience and adventure. Best regards Eggert

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