Easter egg surprise

Best Travel’s special Easter egg with Mercedes Sprinter driving out of it. 31.03.2018

Best Travel wishes everybody a happy Easter, in Icelandic “gledilaga thaska”! In Iceland everybody looks for a sweet chocolate egg this day and is allowed to open it. Normally it’s filled with candies with different tastes as carmel, licorice and more. But what shows out of Best Travel’s egg? It seems to be a Mercedes Sprinter and if we saw this right it’s a 4×4. Our new bus is still in construction but we expect it to arrive this spring and several tours are already planned for it. Of course you will find here more informations and pictures later. Such an Easter egg has less calories but last for many kilometers and it’s no April 1st joke!

New Sprinter showing up at Easter egg door. 31.03.2018

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