East Iceland in sunshine and with mother of pearl clouds

Mother of pearl clouds or polar stratospheric clouds are a rare and beautiful phenomena. 03.02.2018

Best Travel is on the first circle around Iceland in 2018 and got a fantastic day in East Iceland today. While the Western part of Iceland was once more hit by storm we were very happy to travel through sunshine from Höfn to Faskrudsfjördur. There were beautiful views where ever we had a look at. A real day to enjoy but this wasn’t enough. When it started to get dark we saw beautiful clouds on the sky with special colors. No wonder we aren’t used to this picture, those clouds are a very rare phenomena in Iceland. They are called “mother of pearl clouds” or by the scientists “polar stratospheric clouds” or nacreos clouds. They are very high up in 20-25 kilometers where the temperature is about cold -78°C and just to see during wintertime. Mother of pearl clouds are more to see in a width of over 80° North and South. The South pole area gets more of those clouds and probably we have to ask the penguins about it. We started our tour January 31st and we were really lucky with the sky until today, we saw after the rising full moon the Northern Lights the first night and found now something I wasn’t really aware of it’s existing, the nacreos clouds! A really fulminant tour start  in 2018 and I’m looking forward to the Northern Light Hunting tour with Best of Iceland in one weeks time. Tomorrow strong winds are predicted when we drive on to the North! But have a look at today’s picture gallery:

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