Colors of South Iceland

In wintertime the ice tongue of Svinafellsjökull looks more blue. 03.11.2018

Recent two weeks Best Travel drove three times along the South of Iceland and in a short time more will follow. The change in colors is surprizing and it’s fantastic to see how the landscape looks every time otherwise and it’s never boring to drive the the same route. The winter light has really a magic fascination!

Gold is the color of the landscape without snow but in shallow sunlight. 

If there is no snow the brown vegetation is lighted up to gold by the sun. 4×4 Sprinter on Mosfellsheidi, 11.11.2018

Blue is to find with the glacier ice.The ice of the glaciers varies from a bright to a deep blue, it’s just the question where you are.

White is to find on mountain or volcano tops and if there is a snow cover on ground.

Black and nothing but black are the beaches around Vik. They are beautiful but not undangerous!

Green is the main color of Aurora Borealis in Iceland. The Northern Lights are always fascinating. 


Glowing landscape is to see around sunrise and sunset. 

If you like to see those colors yourself we can always arrange a tour for you.

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